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What is Audiomack?

Audiomack is a music distribution website specifically tailored to help artists showcase and distribute their music.

Why does Audiomack exist?

We’ve noticed that some of the file sharing and promo song release websites are a pain in the ass to use. So we’ve created a platform that’s going to simplify and enhance the process of releasing music.

Why do artists and managers like Audiomack?

They don’t like Audiomack, they LOVE Audiomack because it’s:

  1. 100% free with NO download caps.
  2. Simple and fast to upload music.
  3. Organized in a clean, intuitive, and professional layout.
  4. See our testimonials page to read what Audiomack's users have to say about us.

Why do fans love Audiomack?

They don’t love Audiomack, they ADORE Audiomack because it’s:

  1. Easier to discover, listen, and download music.
  2. Reliable, faster, and safer to find the music they want.
  3. Never going have any annoying, deceiving, or intrusive advertising.
  4. The most recent and popular music organized into charts by our 'special sauce' algorithm

Does Audiomack have a Wordpress plugin available?

We do! You can read more about it on our Audiomack wordpress plugin page and download it from the plugin directory.

Who created Audiomack

Four music lovers who collectively have over 30 years of digital music and media experience. We came up with the idea for Audiomack after becoming sick and tired of downloading music from shady and illegal sites that often crash after getting too much traffic. We knew there was something that could be better, MUCH better. And now there is.

Where is Audiomack based?

New York City.

How does Audiomack make money?

We make money through advertising that should be relevant to the visitors of the site. All ads are vetted out and do not intrude on the user experience. If you disagree, please see the next question.

How can I contact Audiomack?

If you are an artist and would like to use Audiomack to host and promote your music, please visit our account registration page. If you have a question, comment, or concern. please feel free to contact us using the form below.

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If you have a site issue to report please include the following:

  • Your Audiomack account/artist name
  • Title of the song/album
  • URL of the page you are having an issue with (if applicable)


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