Johnny Drugz Back From The Dead EP


After taking a 3year hiatus, Johnny Drugz is back in top form with his highly anticipated EP, "Back From The Dead". With no place to record any type of material to get a tape out, and seemingly feeling dead with music all together, Drugz picks back up where he left off three years ago, an drops off an instant classic. On this seven tracked EP, Johnny lets it be known he hasn't lost it. Showing versatility with different flows, the feeling for tape is almost instant as Drugz raps like hes trying to prove something. Dead to the rap game no more, Johnny is back, and it safe to say we will see more of him in 2017.

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Re-Upped by Johnny Drugz


Yngin I Just Might [Prod. by DJ Young Kash]

Producer: DJ Young Kash

Added on Jan 06, 2017 by

Re-Upped by Johnny Drugz


Yngin Lit [Prod. by King Drum Dummie]

Feat. Jazz

Producer: King Drum Dummie

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