Dirty Glove Bastard

  • Website: http://www.dirty-glove.com
  • Hometown: Tampa/Dallas/ATL/NYC/Detroit/Baton Rouge
  • Label: Dirty Glove Bastard
  • Bio: Check out http://dirty-glove.com everyday for new music & videos from the dirty south. CountryRapTunes & Trap Music!
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Jeff Chery

Hometown: Haiti>Flatbu$h>Soufside

Label: Vagabond

Genre: rap

Followers: 124


Hometown: New York

Label: nahright

Genre: rap

Followers: 1769

Rap Inc.


Hometown: Chicago/New York

Genre: rap

Followers: 45924

Supplying you with all the latest artists, mixtapes, news, singles, videos, & much more, before anyone else.




Genre: rap

Followers: 19917

A Los Angeles based collective serving out your daily fix of fresh new music, videos & news from all genres

Prestige Entertainment LLC

Hometown: Prestige World

Label: Prestige Entertainment LLC

Genre: rap

Followers: 61

God; Strength; Brotherhood; Loyalty!!!! Conquer The Hood; Then The World!!!! Prestige

DJ Day-Day

Hometown: Moscow

Label: We Are Tha Future Music Group | FreeBandz Russia | Longway Entertainment | Uzi Gang

Genre: rap

Followers: 76896

Tha #1 Dirty South DJ In Russia n.k.a. Tha Russian Plugg, We Are Tha Future Music Group C.E.O., FreeBandz Russia Founder, Longway Entertainment DJ, «Futuristic NetWork» Mixtape Series Owner.


Hometown: Detroit

Label: We Global

Genre: rap

Followers: 2234

Jay Dot Rain

Hometown: Alabama

Label: Cooley Fly

Genre: rap

Followers: 162


Genre: rap

Followers: 13868

TheColi.com is the Premier Sports, Hip Hop & Urban Lifestyle forum.

Gucci Mane

Hometown: East Atlanta 6

Label: 1017 Records

Genre: rap

Followers: 21432



Hometown: New York

Label: Walklikeus.com

Genre: rap

Followers: 15393

. The Cool Table™❗️ Official Page of WalkLikeUs.com.


Hometown: Zone 6 ATL

Label: DuctTape Ent./2 TRU Entertainment

Genre: rap

Followers: 4481

“I’m not ashamed to tell people who I am,” says Trouble. “When I go through struggles, I make more music. I feel like anything I’m going through, there is a beat for.” ‏ Trouble’s ability to tap into so many emotions has had him record with names like Future, Pusha T, Killer Mike and Yo Gotti as well as share stages with The Weekend, Lupe Fiasco and T.I. And even though he has the street cred that many rappers dream of having, Trouble isn’t out to promote his rap sheet. He’s here to make his raps matter. ‏ “I’d rather see young people make it, rather than go through the things that I did,” he says. “People say I’m more conscious now, because I know people are listening. You don’t have to go through the streets to be respected. It’s about being real with yourself.”


Hometown: Atlanta,GA

Label: Hoodrich Ent

Genre: rap

Followers: 2124

Digital Trapstars

Genre: rap

Followers: 40631

You want to be in the public, $end your budget. digitaltrapstars@gmail.com

Chi Duly

Hometown: Honolulu

Genre: rap

Followers: 330

Alfred The Gre8t

Hometown: Missississipi by way of Cali

Label: Ill Verse League

Genre: rap

Followers: 9

Mr Lee

Hometown: HOUSTON

Label: XMG

Genre: rap

Followers: 28


Hometown: Philly/DMV/LA/ATL

Label: FlyTunez

Genre: rap

Followers: 55383

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Hometown: chicaGLO

Genre: rap

Followers: 15208



Hometown: streets

Genre: rap

Followers: 50052

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