Arima Ederra Earth To Arima

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Presented by Ashley Outrageous, the Las Vegas songstress Arima Ederra releases her forthcoming project "Earth To Arima" sponsored by Jenesis Magazine. Production credits goes to Bhonstro, Dead702, WrightTrax, Al B Smoov, Sol X, and Nabeyin. Earth To Arima also features verses from LA emcees Blu, Sham, and GIBBY. This is Arima's first full body off work since she started her career as a singer.

Written by Arima Ederra
Production: Bhonstro, Dead702, Nabeyin, WrightTrax, Al B Smoov, Sol X
Recorded by: Nik "Ink Well" Hotchkiss
Mixed by: Nik "Ink Well" Hotchkiss, Too Tone
Mastered by: Trade Voorhees
Photography: Ashlay Cashlay
Artwork: Michael Brignac of [Dirty Legends]