Chise Almost There: Visions Vices Vulnerabilities

  • Uploaded On Feb 16, 2014
  • Producer: Various
  • Added by: Chise


Almost There: Visions Vices Vulnerabilities symbolically tells the true story of 21 year old Staten Island native facing the everyday trials and tribulations that come along with transitioning from a teen to an adult, coping with change, chasing your dreams, finding your self, and adjusting to new found fame.

Executive Produced: Christian A. Bonoan
Songwriting Credits: Christian A. Bonoan
Additional Songwriting Credits: Bryan Del Rosario, Adrienne Galang, Su Bviley, Shareef Keyes
Engineering Credits: Su Bviley, V.I.C.E. (Tribe Gvng)
Additional Engineering: SergeTheGod, Shareef Keyes

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