Undead Generation Free EP (Pay No More Than R0.00)

  • Uploaded On Jan 14, 2017
  • Producer: FiveSidedDice (Roscoe Nefdt)
  • Added by: FiveSidedDice
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A Free EP from Undead Generation consisting of 5 popularized singalong covers/renditions as well as 2 old original songs. A limited amount of hard copies of the EP were independently produced and distributed by the band. Donations welcome!

Performed by Undead Generation
Recorded by FiveSidedDice (Roscoe Nefdt)
Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Tait

Undead Generation are (at the time of recording):
Roscoe Nefdt - Vocals & Guitar
Kevin Tait - Vocals & Guitar
Matthew "Willy" Erasmus - Bass Guitar
Lauren Stroebel - Drums & Vocals

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