Jahzani Sum'n Quick 2: West Perrine Flows


For those unfamiliar, Jahzani is an emerging artist from Miami, Florida, recently coming to part to further his talents with music. Throughout his career, Zani has released multiple singles and collaborated with artists from around his town and even connecting with artists from MIA to NY. The last we heard of Jahzani was his latest 2016 EP, "Sum'n Quick EP" which was hosted by ACEDATDJ. Listing remixes to songs like "Ready or Not", "High", "Latch", and "Work" in total reaching about 1,000 plays in 4 days. Stay tuned for updates on his movement, y'all. He's not currently connected to any negotiations on management or labels. (For more details, visit soundcloud.com and download his music.)
any biz contact management at jteemer16@gmail.com

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