Jay Wyse Wyse Thoughts Wise Journey Two

  • Uploaded On Aug 13, 2013
  • Producer: Various
  • Added by: Jay Wyse


This is the second official release from Jay Wyse & it's a look into the life and journey of a young man born & raised in Baltimore city. More of a content artist, Wyse reveals tracks like "3 AM" & "Letter To My Man 3". Tracks like these display real life situations & being faced with hardships that must be overcome to move forward. Featured on the project are also tracks like the "Intro" & "Street Soul" which shine light on how hard it is jumping in the game as a new artist and staying true to what you do regardless. On the flip side Wyse displays his versatility with tracks such as, "Feeling Me" and "Girl Like You", more of the feel good music. Without further waiting we present to you "Wyse Thoughts Wise Journey Two", enjoy.