Ka-Flame Defining Moments


We all have moments in our lives, where at that very moment or time frame, it could either make us or break us!!??...How you choose to handle that moment, defines the way you will live on or carry things out from that point...Here are some of my very own, Defining Moments!!

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Ka-Flame City of tha Fallen

Feat. Dah-Raiser, Spade-Phlame, Break, Karma, Futuristic Ace, Sergio, Tuck-P & Mc.Doozle

Producer: Beat-Theiphz, ZenZan, Deebo, Caz, Lavi$h, Hustla Beats, etc

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Ka-Flame Virtues of a King

Feat. Tuck-P, Dah-Raiser, Break, Eggo, Peter & Futuristic Ace

Producer: KaFlame, ZenZan, Deebo, YGA, Lavi$h, KFX-Kicks, & more

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Ka-Flame Un'precedented

Feat. Break, Tuck-P, Hell'raiser, Karma & Futuristic Ace

Producer: Ka-Flame, Deebo, Zen'Zan, Caz, Lavi$h, YGA, 8thReason, etc

Added on Nov 04, 2014 by

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