NCT 127 Limitless


"Limitless" is what you would get if "Fire Truck" and "The 7th Sense" had a baby. The music is going to be more accessible to a Korean audience than "The 7th Sense", but a lot more easy on the ears to overseas audiences than "Fire Truck". But what really took us by surprise throughout this entire project is the vocals. NCT 127 has a lot of potential in the talent of its members and, it seems that they tapped every ounce of it for this one. The harmonies are a lot richer, the lead vocalists are more confident and when those unexpected group runs popped in songs, we were floored.

Our favorite tracks are "Good Thing", "Baby Don't Like It", and "Back 2 U (AM 1:27)". The most skippable track is, surprisingly, the title track "Limitless".

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