Akdong Musician Winter


Vocally, this is probably AKMU's most impressive outing yet. During their run on K-pop Star one of the few criticisms that was leveled at them was that they did not convey a sense of confidence through many of their performances and could still be given to them on their first album. It's clear now, though, that they have rectified the situation. Suhyun has always had that voice, but she has really come out of her shell and is just giving it to you with a good balance of sweetness and sass that allows her to give those little adlibs and runs and really have fun with songs. What really surprised us is Chanhyuk, though; it's hard to say that he has more lead parts than he did before, but he makes far more of an impact this time around.

Our favorite tracks are Live, Choocolady, and Play Ugly.

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