Chris Crack and TREE TREESWAG


Hailing from Chicago’s west side, the self-proclaimed “Jimi-Hendrix of rap”, Chris Crack, is the cut-throat and eccentric front-man behind a “cult-like” collective of psychedelic-influenced music and style, theNew Deal Crew. Crack’s staples, the #FREESWAG and #FREESWAG TOO

TREE and Chris Crack pair up for the first installment of TREE’s Soul Trap collaborations, #TREESWAG, (named after Crack’s #FREESWAG series). #TREESWAG is TREE’s Soul Trap productions and Crack’s finesse on ​the mic. The EP boasts Crack’s “free-for-all” vocal ferocity, often rapping around bars with fragments of personal stories and adulterated themes, involving drugs, volatile relationships, and the personal feuds surrounding “making it” in the windy cities scene.


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