No9to5 Music Quit Your Day Job Vol. I: Unemployment Lines

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No9to5 exploded onto the NC hip hop scene in 2012 and is now coming for the nation and the world. This collective of MCs and producers has had the type of exponential success characteristic of legends, opening for major acts such as 2 Chainz, Asher Roth, Big K.R.I.T. and Soul Khan. Their work has been posted on nearly every major hip hop blog, and they have won over fans of all ages with the unrivaled energy and raw emotion of their live shows.

We refuse to accept the idea that our dreams are too lofty to achieve. No9to5 is a movement of people doing what they love and not settling unnecessarily for perceived comfort and stability.

This is our first mixtape. We hope you enjoy it.

- Cayso, J Rowdy, JSWISS, Optimus Rhymes, P-Rob, Topiq the Smooth Prophet, AltAir, J Roc the Muzik