Nunya BizNunya Records Presents: The Mixtapes Preview

  • Producer: O.N.E. Beats, GeNYCis, Nunya Biz
  • Added on: Dec 24th, 2013 by Nunya Biz
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This is a small EP style mixtape previewing the a few of the original demos of Heavy Hitters and Stress, Depression & Faith the two new mixtapes I have coming out early 2014, as I started working on them. Please note that style, flow, small lyric changes, hooks, chorus, and guest appearance are possibly and will most likely change by the time the final ones are released this is just a small preview of what I'm working on. I've had quite a few requests for something to dl so here it is! I will be releasing the full finished mixtapes in the beginning of 2014. beats by: O.N.E. Beats, and GeNYCis

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