Rome Cee x Greenspan CEE-SPAN

  • Uploaded On Sep 11, 2013
  • Producer: August Flight Gordon, Carvo Music, Pablow Beats, Swiff D, R-Play
  • Added by: Rome Cee


Cee-Span is a six track collaborative project by Baltimore hip-hop artist’ Rome Cee and Greenspan. The two combined have garnered local attention by being featured on national websites and blogs such as,, Etc. In addition, the duo has been featured in local news articles and some of the top local shows of the Baltimore Scene. The EP continues to build a local foundation with guest appearances from Al Great and the soulful production of August Flight Gordon, Carvo Beats and more. Although both artist are based in traditional lyrical hip hop, they offer a wide array of perspectives and styles to match the diversity of the musical backdrops provided.

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