SacheeSB Ruff Draft


Versace La Vann (18 years young)en also known by SacheeSB drops his 1st project/Mixtape "Ruff Draft". The reason behind the name of "Ruff Draft" is because Sachee never been to or recored in a professional studio, These are basically the compilation of songs he recorded in his room and at his producer/Engineers house (Noah). Sachee Created a group/Brotherhood called "Nickel Bag Boyz", NBB for short. Its just a crew of thrashers, musicians originating from the same neighborhood. Sachee was picked up by Black Dave and put down With "Stone Roller Skate Gang" aka SRSG. Sachee who's originally from NYC but travels frequently back and forth from Upstate New York (Rochester) to his old neighborhood (Harlem). Story of a High School Student trying to grind with his team and make it out the hood.

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