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  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 129

  • Bio: The latest News, Interviews, Videos & Mixtapes from your favorite Hip-Hop and R&B artists.


  • Hometown: Worldwide

  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 5597

  • Bio: Ziplok - Computer - Music - Sports - Basketball -TV - Radio - New Hampshire

Young Froze

  • Hometown: Atlanta

  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 29

  • Bio: Stream/ Download F.U.Entertainment - King Mercy 2 Feat. Young Froze. As Young Froze quest continue, he has dropped another mixtape "King Mercy 2" DNA Fingerprint of God unseen forces science physics mysteries solved revealed mind over matter spirit world sound light universe history truth earth mysteries of life mathematics placebo effect healing signs and symbols occult ancient sightings the matrix is real holographic intelligence sacred geometry quantum physics illusion of reality new paradigm 2012 shamanism cleansing mother earth climatic disaster native american change Extreme Weather Patterns Maya change evolution shift timewave zero terrence mckenna fibonacci sequence fingerprint of god golden ratio pi phi in nature sightings nostradamus dimensional omega Mayan Calendar Apocalypse i


  • Hometown: Dar es salaam

  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 161

  • Bio:

Mando Spaulding

  • Hometown: From Flatbush 2 Miami

  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 16

  • Bio: Shut the fuck up and vibe

Royal Fusion

  • Hometown: Pflugerville, TX/Lawton,OK

  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 51

James Henson

  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 22


  • Hometown: NYC

  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 25009

  • Bio: Official #AudiomackStudios Account! Go to our feed to find the best accounts to follow and the hottest recently uploaded music!


  • Hometown: Lane, South Carolina

  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 18


  • Followers: 6

Thumaka Music

  • Hometown: Johannesburg

  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 11


  • Hometown: Toronto, ON Canada

  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 2

  • Bio: Mc, Producer, Engineer, Lover of Hip hop culture. Hailing from Toronto, Canada


  • Hometown: 78th Domain

  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 91


  • Followers: 11

Nuk Geez

  • Hometown: Levittown , Pa

  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 3

Rapper Spaz

  • Hometown: Brooklyn NYC

  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 7

  • Bio: Al Monday Ortiz was born in Far Rockaway, Queens, New York to Joyce MartinGreen 7 Nelson Ortiz. His family earlier settled in Marcy Housing Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. As a minor the burro of child welfare system legal decisions put him in foster homes. Bouncing from foster house to foster house in Queens. As in any result he’s always remained in contact with one foster family in L.I.C. Queens most Infamous projects’ Queens Bridge Houses" I developed my love for HipHop in that Project" His Mother regained custody of his welfare once again in 1993 after she moved to Flushing, New York the name "Spaz" was given to him by his cousin Ronald Green. The name "Keyser Soze" was given to him first by rapper Talib Kweliand & Havoc of Mobb Deep.


  • Followers: 11


  • Followers: 0

Meko Cash

  • Hometown: Lil miami

  • Genre: rap

  • Followers: 10

  • Bio: I Need In the mixtape out now! #YGM Follow me on IG, twitter, and facebook for more updates on new heat!

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