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Hometown: Worldwide

Label: Ziplok Productions

Genre: rap

Followers: 5461

Ziplok - Computer - Music - Sports - Basketball -TV - Radio - New Hampshire


Hometown: JAPAN

Genre: rap

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Hometown: Japan MIYAZAKI

Label: 月見草Posse

Genre: rap

月見草Posse Twitter @tukimisou_posse Party School 偶数月 第3日曜 @CLUB J 14時~20時


Hometown: The Olo

Label: Dopetrackz Publishing

Genre: rap

Followers: 1346

Lately audiences have been hearing Orlando recording artist Dopetrackz for his unique sound and hot records which has earned him attention, from all of social media. While some have no idea where Dopetrackz origins come from, most know him for his dope production for years debuting his mark in the game in 2010. Dopetrackz paints his music with catchy wordplay and metaphors, continuing to captivate the audience with dope lyrics. Dopetrackz shows he is definitely a lyrical force to be reckoned with. On the rapid rise to the top of the rap game, with his own sound, you haven't heard anything as original as what he is doing. Be excited to see what he brings to the table in the future.
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