Download: www.gamperdadoni.com/downloads We wanted to close out 2016 with an artist who truly embodies the feel good house movement. Gamper & Dadoni were one of the very first artists we found when Dancing Pineapple began. Remixes of La Roux, Diddy, & Red Hot Chili Peppers put them in the spotlight while their hit singles including Close To You & Far From Home have verified their place in the feel good movement. With some of the most infectious mixes out there, it only seemed fitting to host them on the Artist Showcase Series. 30 minutes of PURE feel good music by some of the best in the field. [The Artist Showcase Series features mixes composed entirely of the artist's own tracks. A true showcase of talent.] Tracklist: http://bit.ly/GamperDadoniTracklist Follow Gamper & Dadoni: ▶ Soun

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