Chance Fischer SALUTATIONS

  • Uploaded On Oct 9, 2012
  • Album: Friends.Romans.Collegemen
  • Producer: Denero & Matt Campfield
  • Added by: Chance Fischer
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Exultant. Unapologetic. Titanic. Raw. SALUTATIONS, the second single from Chance Fischer's upcoming album Friends.Romans.Collegemen., introduces the 22-year-old Richmond rapper as a vigilante wordsmith - unimpressed by current leaders in music. Producers Denero & Matt Campfield's triumphant drum cadences bolt across infectious synths and agonizing choral chants, as Chance fluently dispels any regard for competition. Following the Conrizzle-produced POMPEII, SALUTATIONS' brash display of lyricism establishes Fischer as an unstoppable musical force.