14KT 2016KT [Year of Collaborations Mix]


20 Years of Beats is complete!!! Woo!

This is a mix of the records that were actually released this year. I also threw in a couple of unreleased records - including an unreleased 14KT remix of Zelia Day's "Compass".

Hopefully more collabs from this year will be released in the coming year (2017).

Enjoy and thank you for listening and supporting the "20 Years of Beats" series.


1. Thurz "Father Protect Me (part 1 & part 2)
2. The Black Opera "Top 5"
3. 14KT "Talks" [unreleased]
4. Boog Brown "Slow and Steady"
5. Zelia Day "Compass" [unreleased 14KT Rmx]
6. Iamabeenie(14KT) "Down The Street From Peace"
7. Elzhi "CoSign"
8. 14KT "Gold" [unreleased]
9. Liz Warfield "Embrace Me [14KT Rmx]
10. I, Ced "Run Run"
11. Elzhi "The Tur