Goz Festive Funk 2016

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This is my second installment of the Festive Funk series. I done one of these at the same time last year ( https://soundcloud.com/imperial-leather/festive-funk )and, at the time, it was one of my most played mixes. I thought I'd do the same this year, as, lets face it, we all need some funky ass shizzle in our lives.

Tat Means you - Ms Janette & The Broker
Generation Five - Dave Gerrard
Last Knockers - Crazy P
Get It Up - Rare Cuts
It's Alright Now (SLY Edit) - Eddie Harris
People'$ - LTJ
Take It - Disco Tech
Keep On Brother - KS French
Bustin Out - Mr Given Raw
Right On - The Last Minister
Chasing the funk (The Allergies Remix) - Andy Cooper
McLovin - The 6th Borough Project
Computerized - 80's Child
Shake Your Body - DJ Butcher
Ring Ring (Ha Ha Help Is On The Way)- Henry's P