E S S N S E Produced by K.West for Very Good Beats (Beat Tape) Vol. 3


We all have to admit that as of late, Mr. West has been all over the damn place. We don't know what he's doing or going to do next, but what we do know is the amount of great work that he had done in the past. That's what this project is centered around, great production work from earlier in his career.

Similar to the other previous projects that were created before, this project is all Ye instrumentals, all focusing on his work as a producer, first. So with that said, I bring you the third installment of "Produced by K. West for Very Good Beats".

Much love to Artistic Manifesto for getting together with me to deliver this project (again). Enjoy!

You can listen to the first session of the series here: https://soundcloud.com/essnse/verygoodbeats

You can listen to the second session of t