Ian Melvin (The Anaheims) Down (In Mexico)


This is a song by 'The Anaheims'

Artwork by MiMi

Down (In Mexico)

Way down south of nowhere
In a place that no one goes
There’s a little dirt cantina called
El Muerte del Amour
They serve Mescal from the counter
And Corona’s from the steam
And there's a chilli on the hotplate
That will burn you in your dreams
And there’s a smoking Señorita
With lips of pepper red
She can take you up to heaven
But she’ll leave you lying dead
Yeah! It’s the place
We all want to go
When we're down
In Mexico

Two inch short of seven foot tall
And half a barn door wide
He had iron in his fist held tight
And murder in his eye
Well I guess he thought he owned her
Thought he could take my kind
So he closed the gap between us