Young Mic R.I.P To The Competition

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Young Mic R.I.P To The Competition ( Official Audio )


R.I.P to the competition is really about how i'm feeling
As an artist perspective i am the best like ain't nobody can tell me different
No disrespect to the artist from the city like
You know i respect the grind but
Like i said as an artist perspective you got's to
You got's to think that you're the best
You got's to get in the game with that mind frame that
Ain't nobody fucking with you like
These ni**as chains and the cars that these ni**as have in they videos doesn't impress cause
It doesn't even belong to em


Man R.I.P To The Competition
I remember when i had no f*cking pot to piss in
Stepmother kicked me out the house it made me change my vision
Went through a lot but still i'm counting all my f*cking blessings