You only know me from the old days, Somewhere somebody got it all hazy, Understand I'ma made man, Somewhere somebody got too lazy, I'm just sittin doin laundry, Hair growin like I'm Eric Andre, I could do it to em all day, Stay up all night til I'm a zombie.... "maybe I could make a, make a, make a, make a, make a..." x1000 Whos up 1st next last, Fuck all the past shit, I'm done with all that shit, I aint even gotta proceed, But make sure everybody knows me, Yeah fuck her on the first date, i aint even safe, Negativity out of my face, N tell em hoe niggas they all better know they place, Or make sure that they know they grace, see i nutted on her face, shoes, window, sill, Thrust, only, twice, when I dropped, my, balls, went, up, In and outta town. Narrator: cmon, Jah thats a shame, w

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