Relly Snow No Vacation No Nothing

  • Uploaded On Feb 26, 2014
  • Producer: SnowKing, RocWell, MKUltra
  • Uploaded by: Relly Snow
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Relly Snow presents us with his new mixtape “No Vacation, No Nothing.” Relly Snow isn’t your average rapper and that’s what makes his music very nice to listen to. Relly Snow has all the wordplay and lyricism needed and applies it with his unique style to produce quality music.

No Vacation No Nothing —11 tracks full of poetic flow and gritty New York beats. Even his softer songs can't hide Snow's excitable spirit while he spits out strong rhymes. You can feel his deliberate, raging lyrics mesh well with his melodic, sneering hooks throughout every song. There was no holding back on No Vacation No Nothing

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