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Youngin had a nice perm
Hair done in cicily, Italy
Used to have a bright wrist
Moves like a swordfish
Bored with reality
Half moon Galaxy
Cold to a woman's touch
Never had to heat me up
Touch me with your best heart
Souls from the Octogon
Neon flavored waterfalls
Rain Forrest Opticals
Thinking of your best friend
Kiss me thru the Everglades
Man made highways
Laws / conspiracy
Trap me in with regulations
Rules form a time warp
Time for a Foreign change
Although i still seek the truth
But I'm still in human form
My flesh in a Synagogue
Teach me your peaceful ways
Horror stories stray me
Exit room gracefully
Suckers wanna hate me
Librarians wanna date me
Love me for your childhood
You should be my best friend
Choose your next wisely
My chess moves are pestimystic
My life is a collides co